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The Beffroi of Issoudun

beffroi d'issoudun

Ancienne cité médiévale, Issoudun a conservé des traces de son passé moyenâgeux. Le Beffroi, situé aux portes de la ville, en est un parfait exemple. Séjourner dans un hôtel à Issoudun est donc une solution idéale pour découvrir son histoire.

A historical heritage built up over the centuries

To the south-west of Bourges, the city of Issoudun is an old medieval city which was the scene of an endless confrontation, or almost, between Richard Lionheart and Philippe Auguste. Between 1187 and 1214, the Plantagenets and the Capetians took possession of the city. Thirty years of a vain battle when King Louis VIII married Blanche of Castile and the decision was made that Issoudun would remain the property of the Kingdom of France.

However, the past of Issoudun goes back to even older times. Excavations have helped to date the founding of the city in the Iron Age, that is to say between 800 BC and the 1st century AD. Issoudun was also an ancient Gallo-Roman city whose vestiges still present recall the glorious era of the Romans.

The current organization of the city dates from the Middle Ages, especially the twelfth century. It is from this period that date the oldest buildings as the Belfry. The best way to discover this vestige of this charming city of Berry, is to walk the streets and alleys from your hotel in Issoudun.

The Belfry, a monument listed since 1916

In order to protect and control access, the city of Issoudun was surrounded by a double enclosure consisting of seven gates. Each of these doors allowed direct access to the castle district. The Belfry was the main gate of this enclosure. Its layout with a passage between two towers assumes that it was built during the twelfth century. It was then dismantled during the Wars of Religion and was restored in a Renaissance style. At the architectural level, the most interesting part is probably its bay below the vault, its wooden trellis and its cornice supported by two modillions. Staying in a hotel in Issoudun, you will be able to appreciate the strong historical character of this vestige, which is more than 900 years old.

During the First World War, the Belfry served as a prison until 1914. Graffiti left by German prisoners testify to their confinement. Unfortunately, it does not visit but its external appearance is particularly impressive. In 1916, the Belfry was classified as a historical monument.

For your next visit to the Berry, Issoudun is a must for lovers of old stones. The hotel Jules Chevalier is a hotel in Issoudun whose setting is a real invitation to relaxation and discovery. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your future stay.

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