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nohant vicq

French commune of the department of Indre, Nohant-Vicq turns out to be an ideal destination to escape from the French capital. Only 2 hours from Paris, it is a small, welcoming village, in a pleasant setting with about 1,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, nice accommodation sites are located around the town. In the quiet countryside, Chateauroux is just 30 km north-east of the village. Its main tourist attraction is George Sand's house.

The focal point of Nohant-Vicq

The exploration of the village of Nohant-Vicq allows you to discover the estate of George Sand, including the church of St. Anne and St. Martin. Tourists can choose between staying in a hotel in Chateauroux, in a hotel in Bourges, or in a hotel in Issoudun.

These churches represent an architectural monument of the town, especially with the rather primitive decoration. The church of St. Anne dates from the late eleventh to early twelfth century. Wall paintings that have faded over the centuries bear witness to this period. An exceptional structure equipped with a sloping roof is supported by two wooden beams, thus forming a rare architecture for a church.

The church of St. Martin was born eleventh century. It has exceptional frescoes of the twelfth century that can be seen on several walls, inside. Biblical episodes, among others, the period of redemption and the last judgment, appear on these walls. They were covered for several centuries, but rediscovered in the nineteenth century. The church was rebuilt in the 19th century, but the renovation concerns only the facade and the bell tower. All the rest of the 12th century architecture has been preserved.

The specificities of George Sand's estate

Typical emblem of the 18th century French mansion, the domain of George Sand belonged to his grandmother from 1804 to 1876. He spent his childhood and youth in this house, where he began his career. Most of his most popular works have been written there. Until now, this manor preserves all these treasures.

The artistic community of its time has frequented this place, to mention only musicians and artists such as Delacroix, Flaubert, Liszt, Chopin and Victor Hugo. The manor is set on several acres, with gardens, parks, woodlands and vegetable areas preserved to keep the authenticity of places dating from the life of the author. The whole estate is classified National Monument of France, the house is listed in the list of illustrious houses of the French and the garden is described as remarkable.

Nearby attractions

While passing in Nohant-Vicq, it is also recommended to make a detour by the Châtre to contemplate the exceptional frame which is there. Otherwise, the Neuvy-Saint-Sepulcher Collegiate Saint-Etienne represents pilgrimage routes. The city of Châteauroux also has its particular charm, hence its name flower town, as Issoudun. Moreover, a stay in a hotel in Issoudun, in a hotel in Chateauroux, or in a hotel in Bourges is recommended for the trip.

services and benefits

  • 2h from Paris
  • Downtown
  • Quiet and peacefull environement
  • Seminars
  • First Hotel in department
  • Private park of 3 hectares