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La Tour Blanche

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Do you like stories of epic battles, knights and castles? Drive to Issoudun! A high place of wars that saw confront English and French. A city where history is embodied in a magnificently preserved medieval tower: the White Tower. We tell you all about this magical place not to be missed when staying at a hotel in Issoudun.

Wanted by an English king, completed by a French king

Commissioned by Richard the Lionheart, King of England, in 1195, the White Tower of Issoudun was completed in 1202 by Philippe Auguste, King of France. A construction that recalls if necessary, the rivalries that opposed Plantagenets and Capetian throughout the Middle Ages. The Berry escaped these quarrels and the beautiful city of Issoudun was the subject of much fighting and haggling. Alternately English and French, the city of Berry strengthened itself to repel the assailants of the moment.
Built in the center of the city on an artificial stop, the White Tower throws thanks to its 28 meters of height and its 18 meters of diameter a protective hombre on this one. It is likely that you can see it from your hotel window in Issoudun.

Centerpiece of the fortifications of the city

Typical of medieval military architecture, the White Tower is a powerful dungeon that allows you to see the enemy arrive from far away while sheltering a powerful garrison. When it was built, the White Tower consisted of five levels that allowed stockpiling and weapons storage, as well as the daily life of the soldiers who occupied it. With walls 3.4 to 6 meters thick, it was the centerpiece of the fortifications of Issoudun which included imposing ramparts, moats and no less than 12 towers.

The White Tower today

A few steps from your hotel in Issoudun, the White Tower awaits you in the middle of its greenery. The medieval motte has turned into one of the most beautiful gardens in the city. Inside, a scenography by Giovanna Piraina invites you on a journey through time to travel through the eight centuries of history of the tower. Mirrors, luminous elements, sound atmospheres take you in the footsteps of Richard the Lionheart, Philip Augustus, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jean without land and Blanche of Castile. You will not fail to visit the terrace of the building. The shadow of a moment you will imagine in the skin of a soldier from France waiting for the arrival of the Army Plantagenets! You will not miss to admire the panorama of the city and the countryside of Berry. A model of the city takes you back to the 17th century.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know all the heritage of Issoudun and its surroundings. Our hotel in Issoudunsera is happy to welcome you to share its passion for its terroir and its history. In the land of Berry, hospitality is not an empty word and your interest in our beautiful region will be the first of our awards.

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